Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Perseverance Reflective Essay

Perseverance is a unique trait that is made of several characteristics. A person who has perseverance is strategic, creative, optimistic, resilient and determined. When you are faced with a challenge you must be strategic with how you deal with it. Not everything is to be decided on hastily, sometimes you must sit back and think through your choices. It may delay what you’re working towards but you will prevail in the end. You must also be creative with your response to a problem. Think out of the box and consider your choices then, decide on what is best for you and the ones around you. Optimism is necessary to persevere. You have to hope for the best and plan for the worst. Thinking positive and having a positive attitude is key to persevering because it is reassuring to those around you and to yourself. Resilience is perhaps the most important trait of all to persevere. If you are unable to regain your balance and take on a problem you will not persevere. Unfortunately you will not have success at everything you do the first time you try it. So that being said, expect to fail, but also let that motivate you to be ready to bounce back and try your best. Last you must be determined. If you have no drive behind your goal how do you expect yourself to persevere? You must imagine your goal, you must want it, and you have to envision it! All of these characteristics are key to persevering in anything you try.
Now there are many examples of people who persevered through thick and thin. However there are different types of perseverance. A person who perseveres can be doing it as a noble act or for a personal gain. For example Martin Luther King was a civil rights activist and he fought for what he believed in. In the end it led to his assassination. He did not live to see his dream come true but he still persevered through his task and after his death racial discrimination was abolished in public settings. This was an act of noble perseverance. On the other hand Donald Trump went through bankruptcy in the 80’s and got divorced in the same time period. He probably didn’t enjoy going to a failing company everyday and then coming home to an empty house. However through rough times Trump persevered, the late 90’s and 2000’s were very good for him and now he has a net worth in the billions. Now Martin Luther King and Donald Trump are two totally different types of people and persevered for two totally different causes, but they both persevered and without strategy, creativity, optimism, resilience, and determination they would have failed miserably. Perseverance is more than just never giving up, it is a trait that us as humans can choose to possess and apply in our lives. 

Picture Source: http://www.lilesnet.com/inspiration/perseverence.htm 


  1. Good Job! Just few comments for your paper. I think that you could go into a little bit more detail about your two people examples by saying how they were optimistic or something along those lines.

  2. This was actually a really Good Essay i must say. I really like the way you structured it and it really made a lot of sense.

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